Assistive Technology As Daily Living Aids  

Assistive technology means it is a technology based on newer methods to design assistive devices that help people with disabilities perform several activities. The biggest problem faced by people, who are old, and disabled due to other conditions, is that they are extremely dependent.

At the same time finding care givers is very difficult ad moreover finding someone who is reliable is almost next to impossible. Keeping this in mind, many people have invested their time and energy into making assistive devices that help people with disabilities to reduce their dependency on caregivers. Also, the statistics for seniors show that in the next decade there will be the ration seniors will be 3 times higher compared to all the others put together. In simple terms, it means that there are going to be more seniors in the overall population of the United States. At that time, there will be more demand for assistive devices, caregivers, hospitals and medical industry.

People who are very old or severely disabled can actually use assistive devices for their daily living needs. There is a whole range of equipment that is available today. Some are oral communication aids like translators, others are written communication aids like electronic boards, computers and also adapted telephones. Today, there are computers that can be activated through voice which is also a form of assistive device. There are several more devices like handheld clutches; electronic equipments like wheel chairs are all very useful for people with physical disabilities. They increase mobility and also aid in several day to day tasks.

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Assistive Technology As Daily Living Aids



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