Assistive Technology For Nonverbal Autistic Students  

Autism is a common problem today and several adults and children are being diagnosed with it on an everyday basis. Some people are severely autistic while others are by a mild notion. Different types of equipment have been developed from ages since disabilities existed. People from times unknown have always been trying to cope with disability in one way or the other.

However, today, the existence of assistive devices makes the life for the disabled much simpler.  Especially for children with autism, different types of technologies are being used in treating them and even helping them.

For years, different modes of technology have been used to improve the quality of life of people who have various developmental disabilities. However, the varied use of technology for children with autism continues to receive limited attention, despite the fact that technology tends to be a high interest area for many of these children.

Autistic children face problems in several areas like overall understanding of their own environment, communication, social skills, and attention, academic and self help. Assistive devices can actually help them in several of the developmental areas. Assistive devices do not replace the ability that is lacked by the child and in fact they promote it. Many people with autistic children seem to think that by using assistive devices the natural skills of their child may never develop. However, this notion is wrong and in fact when a child starts using assistive devices they learn better and also learn it in a correct manner.

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Assistive Technology For Nonverbal Autistic Students



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