The Best Empowerment Available Through Assistive Technology  

The meaning of empowerment means giving the power to a person so that they harness their own abilities. Assistive devices technology is believed to do exactly that and it empowers the disabled. If a person takes a close look at the life of a disabled person, they will find that the person is dependent on the caregiver and others to a large extent for several of their daily needs.

They cannot run their daily lives without another human being because of their inabilities and physical handicapped status. Though human dependency also gives emotional dependence, it is not a good thing to be completely dependent on someone. Being a liability is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. Dependency comes at the cost of losing ones self esteem and confidence and also independence along with that.

However, today with the availability of assistive devices, many people can actually cut down dependency on others to take care of them and set themselves free. Assistive devices empowers the people to such an extent that they can confidently do the things that they never imagined doing in their physical state. A person can walk without legs, hear in spite of being deaf, and learn in spite of being autistic, comb, and bathe and brush in spite of being physically handicapped.

In day to day life people just need to do a few things to run their lives and we are not talking about big achievements. For people with disability, even these simple tasks are difficult and that is where assistive devices come into the picture.

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The Best Empowerment Available Through Assistive Technology



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The Best Empowerment Available Through Assistive Technology )
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