What Is Mind Mapping ?  

Mind mapping is a useful technique that can be used to achieve several things that need memory and brain power in your day to day life. Mind mapping helps the brain to use the cortical part of the brain and also you start being more creative using the techniques.

Mind mapping uses several things like colors, numbers, logic, images, drawings, and figures, diagrams, to stimulate and increase the memory skills of the brain. The technique is extremely simple one to use and what you are actually doing is mapping all your ideas in your mind on paper and visualizing what you are doing at the same time. When you are planning and thinking at the same time, you get more ideas and creative ones too. There are some main characteristics of mind mapping that have to be followed though.

When you are making a plan or generating an idea through mind mapping you need to make sure that the subject is the main and central image. You are using the central image to form more ideas which become the immediate subject and also making further themes and minor subjects that are connected to the secondary ideas. Basically when you look at the sheet of paper you have created, it will more or less look like a tree diagram which is branching out and yet all of the branches connected to the root, which is the central idea. Mind mapping is not a new concept and in fact it is used by people all over the world for various purposes.

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What Is Mind Mapping ?



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