Paraplegic And Kidney Stones  

Paraplegia is a condition which results often due to an injury or a trauma where the spinal cord gets affected. The spinal cord is actually a part of the spine and is located exactly in the middle of the vertebrae. What can damage this hard to reach part which is well secured?

Several things can cause it like a car accident, diving accident, a terrible fall, or sports related accidents. However, it has been seen that it is mostly caused by an accident. A tumor or a blood clot can also cause the condition in some people.

People lose most of their functionality when they injure their spinal cord. Some people cannot even breathe properly so they are put on life support device below their neck. Paraplegia directly affects the bladder and the bowels and causes them to stop functioning properly. Sometimes people lose the function and would have to use a suppository which will help them have bowel movements.

When the bowel movements are irregular, then calcium and other mineral content in the body tend to rise. These minerals if not digested or excreted out of the body, can actually form stones in the bladder. Also, since they have a loss of control over bladder, life gets very difficult for paraplegics. People who already suffer from the condition cannot afford to have a bladder stone which has to be removed by surgery. That is why doctors advice them to be every careful about their diet and mostly eat fibrous or light food. A staple vegetarian diet can benefit such people to a great extent and helps them manage their condition better.

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Paraplegic And Kidney Stones



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Paraplegic-Information      Paraplegic people are those who have lost their spinal cord to some injury and they are mostly bed ridden after the incident. However, there are several levels in paraplegia and they are defined based on the severity of the injury. Some people lose complete control of their upper body while others may have lost it only half way down from the spine. For some, it is closer to the hips. More..




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