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Paraplegic people are those who have lost their spinal cord to some injury and they are mostly bed ridden after the incident. However, there are several levels in paraplegia and they are defined based on the severity of the injury. Some people lose complete control of their upper body while others may have lost it only half way down from the spine. For some, it is closer to the hips.

Different levels of injury causes different kind of problems. No matter what their condition is, today a paraplegic can look forward to life and continue living a productive life. There are several types of assistive devices that are available to make the life of the physically disabled easy and better. Paraplegics can also go out like any normal person would because today places like buildings, theaters and many other public places are adapted for the physically disabled too.

Using assistive device technology today, a paraplegic can work and have a career. There are several careers suitable for their condition. They can study, take part in recreational activities, socialize and even have relationships. The only difference in doing what the rest of the world is doing is the difference itself. The way a paraplegic performs their daily functions is a little different from the normal people.

The accessories available especially for the physically handicapped actually empower them and they can no longer be called physically handicapped. The Disability Discrimination Act which is a part of the United States Constitution is supposed to support the needs of the disabled and make sure the community is ready for their life also.

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Paraplegic Information



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