Anesthesia For Robotic Surgery  

The medical industry has evolved too be million times more complicated than how it began. Today in the industry robotics are used while performing surgeries under the supervision of a qualified surgeon. The advantages of robotics are that there is a lot of accuracy in handling of events and things go as per plan without delays.

This amount of perfection is almost impossible to achieve with human presence instead of robotics. The other extreme of the same advantage is that if the machine fails then the patient’s life is at danger. However, so far such events have not happened and also in complicated surgeries going as per schedule increase the success rate several times higher. The uninterrupted control and precision that robotic devices give in using surgical instruments is perhaps beyond comparison to humans.

Also, with respect to the patient a robotics assisted surgery is much less traumatic, and also because the amount of precision the surgery has the hospital stay and recovery period gets shortened. Robotic surgery is just like any other surgery and it requires anesthesia simply because the pain is experienced by the patient whether the surgery is performed by a surgeon or a robot. However, the amount of anesthesia administered can be fairly low because the surgery happens as per schedule and exactly in the programmed amount of time. Usually the surgery performed by robotic instruments takes lesser time than a surgery performed using hand instruments. Also, there is more blood loss in the latter procedure.

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Anesthesia For Robotic Surgery



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