Development And History Of Robotics  

What is robotics? Robotics is actually a computer controlled program that follows a specific set of instructions and executes them as defined in the program. Today with the advancement in software programming and various technologies robots are being made to think like humans.

They come with tremendous intelligence and can execute complicated tasks with much more accuracy and perfection.

Also, robots are good at performing repetitive tasks and they take a short time and the delivery is almost accurate every single time. Robots can usually be controlled using remote controls and also a computer.

The concept of robot is not new and actually started in the mid 19th century. However, the tremendous advancement in this field came only after the millennium.

The history of robotics concept dates back to the 18th century where mechanical puppets were built in Europe. These puppets were more of toys to entertain kids and they carried out mostly one single instruction. It could be walking a certain distance most of the time. In 1801, an automatic loom was invented by Joseph Maria Jacquard. Industrial robots were built during the 1950s and 1960s. This is when true automation begun actually. During that time Isaac Asimov, a Russian, saw that robots have a great future and made some basic rules for designing a robot. A robot should not be made to harm human beings, a robot must obey orders given by human beings and a robot must protect its own existence. These three laws are still used in the robotics industry because sometimes human created technology can harm humans themselves.

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Development And History Of Robotics



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