Localization Techniques For Robotics  

Robotics is a new technology designed by humans to actually take their place. However weird that might sound, it is one of the biggest truths in the robotics industry. Robotics can be used across several industries and in many different ways. For example, a job of cashier and supermarket can easily be automated using the help of robotics.

Think of an ATM or the automated teller machine as an example. Today, it has literally replaced the good old cashier in the bank who dispenses notes and the ATM can actually wok 24 hours a day without complaining and also at a speed that is much higher than the cashier. This is just one example of robotics on a small scale. When robots are designed for bigger purposes it can do several other things that humans cannot do. 

However, localizing a robot is difficult and a big limitation because of the limitations that we face in odometry. A single robot may not be able to be in the same position for an extended duration than it is programmed to. So this might also increase the possibility of using several robots to replace the job of one human being. How much ever logical programming that goes into making a robot the limitation of spontaneous logic will always be lacking. The only techniques that can help to develop the robots efficiently is to start making them and learning from their shortcomings and making a better product by overcoming the shortcomings. It is a trial and error technology that will help it to evolve further.

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Localization Techniques For Robotics



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