What Date Did The Robotic Rover Land On Mars ?  

Spirit is one of the first rovers to land on Mars and was designed by NASA. It was launched on the planet on 4 January 2004. Ever since the robot landed on Mars, there have been several remarkable events that are beneficial in knowledge for humans.

The Spirit was empowered by solar panels and to the scientists surprise it was functioning twenty times more powerful than the scientists actually expected it to. It gave a lot of feedback of the geological rocks and spatial surroundings on Mars.

People have always wanted to know what is going on in Mars and there have been hundreds of movies and books on whether life existed in Mars. It is the only other planet where life could possibly exist after Earth. The want of knowing has always haunted humans and today they are much closer to their goals of realizing it.

The dream of unraveling Mars has become possible only because of the invention of robots. There was no way on earth where a human could have reached Mars and actually explored it. On 1 May 2009, there were reports that the Spirit was stuck in soil on Mars. NASA has been putting in continuous efforts to take out the robot and get it back on its job. However, it is not that easy and it may take several weeks for it to be removed from that position. The robot is expected to make several more discoveries about Mars in the years to come.

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What Date Did The Robotic Rover Land On Mars ?



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What Date Did The Robotic Rover Land On Mars ? )
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