Lawsuits Against Telecare Corporation

Lawsuits Against Telecare Corporation

Telemedicine is one of the fastest growing branches of the medical industry and one of the main reasons is the growing baby boomer population. As people grow older they start needing more support either form a human or something that is equivalent.

Health problems take over peoples needs and disable them form leading a normal life. That is why telemeds and assistive devices are in so much demand today.

Telecare Corporation is a leading provider of telemedicine in the United States. It was established in 1965 for rehabilitating people with serious mental illness. However, over the years their services have diversified and today they not only help patients with mental illness also offer a variety of services like in-patient programs, community-based programs, crisis services, residential services and administrative services.

However, no corporation is error free and actually every new technology is error prone as they are in their developmental stage. Nonetheless, when it comes to Telecare products, the price to pay for errors is graver and it can end up in loss of human life. There have been several cases in the recent past against some of the telemedicine equipment like armed chairs, mobility devices and others similar equipment. The main reason being the malfunctioning of the device which has caused more problems for the user. In some cases the malfunctioning has also resulted in death of the patient. When a person loses life, his family has lost something that is irreplaceable or irretrievable. This pain cannot be substituted and they decide to file a lawsuit against the telemeds company. Usually such lawsuits can run into very high amounts and also are not over looked.

There are several lawsuits today against the medical industry and not just Telecare Corporation. Actually the harsh reality is that there is always scope for error in the world. People are highly dependent on medical technologies and expect god-like perfection at the same time.

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Lawsuits Against Telecare Corporation
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