Baby Boomers In The Workforce

          Within a decade, a large percentage of baby boomers would be approaching their age of retirement, thereby raising a deep concern on the issue of depleting work force that can affect the national economy significantly. Baby boomers comprise of one-third of entire work force in the United States and there are not enough youngsters who have the necessary skill so as to be considered a replacement. This situation has forced many companies to change the method of recruitment, retention and work schedules.

          Mature workforce is a privilege in this current era of competitiveness as these workers are considered to be reliable, efficient, compassionate and honest. An effect of aging employees is a phenomenon that is going to have a global impact during the next decade that can cause a significant threat to future growth and productivity.  

          Hence, the issue of aging workforce has forced companies to recognize and value the issues surrounding the mature workforce. Companies are rethinking their policies related to recruitment and employee retention. It has changed the entire definition of working patterns. Considering the requirement of aging workforce, employers are bringing in flexible working hours in the office. Preference for part time jobs, telecommuting and job sharing is constantly on a rise among baby boomers. These people are less interested in working for long hours.

          Baby boomers have also influenced the concept of retirement. Many of them want to still continue working even after retirement so as meet basic financial needs and to be engaged in their related fields. Others want to balance work and leisure during retirement. There are certain other groups who are getting enrolled into colleges so as to pursue their schooling ambitions. Some companies have casual worker program where aging people are re-employed, while providing limited benefits. Educated and experienced baby boomers are also being recruited as consultants.

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Baby boomers in the workforce




Demographic data baby boomers trend
      Demographic Data Baby Boomers Trend

Baby boomers are groups of people who were born between 1946 and 1966 and are now currently aged between 41 and 60. Demographic trends of baby boomers are quite interesting since they are going to influence numerous aspects including employment, health care, immigration, tax policies and even the country’s economy. More..





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