Learning Preferences Of Baby Boomers

          There are around 76.1 million people in America who were born between 1946 and 1966 and are fondly recognized as ‘Baby Boomers’. In contrast to their predecessors and successors, baby boomers are considered to be the most educated generation of people who firmly believe that lifestyles are dependant on higher levels of education.

          An increased number of baby boomers are showing even more interest in getting enrolled into a college and continuing their education even after the age of retirement. As per a survey conducted by Census Bureau, around 2.3 million women aged above 30 returned to college. As indicated in the survey report, approximately 23 percent of male students in college were aged above 30 years. There has been a substantial increase even in the enrollment for part-time colleges.

          Most important reason for baby boomers returning to college is employment. The baby boomers believe that education is the best means to have a secured job and achieve career growth. Professionals such as doctors, dentists, nurses and software engineers are getting enrolled to stay up-to-date with the advancements in their professions. There are other professionals like teachers, real estate brokers, paramedics and attorneys who require higher education so as to keep their license or certificate intact. There are single mothers and women who require higher education in order to become better equipped to fit into their existing jobs. Apart from these, there are also people who have come back to college in search of an entirely different career. There are also people who just want to fulfill their life-long ambition of getting a degree.

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Learning preferences of Baby Boomers





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