The Baby Boomers And The Health Industry

          With the traditional families getting broken down, vanishing extended family systems, increasing cases of splintered families having single parents and with fewer married baby boomers with few children or no children at all, the baby boomers are finding it very difficult to care for their own ailing and sick aging relatives. Facing this kind of pressure makes them fear about their own old age, when they become ill with no one to care for them.

          In an effort to avoid this traumatic possibility, more and more baby boomers are seeking different ways to stay fit and remain healthy. The most obvious manifestation of this fear and concern is the emphasis that a large population of baby boomers lays on physical / mental fitness and improved nutrition.

          The increased demand for preventive care products and diagnostics proves that the trend of self-care is definitely on the rise. More and more baby boomers are moving towards holistic health care. They are growing increasingly concerned about their diet and health. An analysis shows the growing awareness of baby boomers about diet, exercise, and self-monitoring of indicators such as cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar, which are vital to maintain long term health and also to maintain low insurance costs. Baby boomers have begun to embrace the common wellness trends such as using natural products, therapeutic yoga, and alternative medicines for keeping fit.

          The baby boomers are optimistic about the implementation of home-based care services such as products and services that help them manage their chronic disease states right from the comfort of their home through advanced communication tools, self-diagnostic devices, and home-monitoring appliances. With the recent advances in healthcare technologies and improvements in communications infrastructure at home, home healthcare is expected to evolve from a sporadic practice today to a mainstream care delivery model within the next 5 to 10 years.

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The baby boomers and the health industry






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The baby boomers and the health industry )
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