Is The Generation Gap Dangerous ?

Is The Generation Gap Dangerous ?

The generation gap can be advantageous or disadvantageous but not dangerous. The term generation gap has always existed among various people. Even when the baby boomers where growing up there would have been a generation gap between them and their grand parents and it is a natural life process. However, the way one deals with this generation gap is much different.

The most important thing to note is that is presence of generation gap healthy. Right now the baby boomer population is more and many children have their grandparents with a healthy age gap were the baby boomers still understand what to expect from their grand children due to various reasons. They are also aware of the current technologies due to their work. However, after the baby boomers of the present day and age retire, the trend may be such that the age gap or the generation gap for people may not be much and this could actually bring in disadvantages. The work force will be fiercely competitive but on the other hand, it will be less productive.

Right now the productivity is high because of the diversity in generations and the various levels of generation gaps. The lack of it could cause problems and also redundancy in work output. There is not much to learn when the generation gap is less and the knowledge base is more or less the same. The same principle can be used at various levels of the society and the same kind of leveled out result can be expected.

Therefore, is generation gap dangerous? No, depending on which perspective you look at.

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Is The Generation Gap Dangerous