Is Botox Harmful For Dystonia Treatment

Is Botox Harmful For Dystonia Treatment ?

Since the 1990s, Botox has been used to treat dystonia. People suffering from muscle spasms due to dystonia are given injections of Botox at the affected site and this helps to stop the nerve impulses from reaching the muscles and causing spasms. However, the question that is now being raised is whether Botox is harmful for dystonia treatment.

Based on researches and studies being conducted, it has been proven that if Botox is used for twelve months to treat muscle spasms, no adverse effects have been observed. In fact, the person can benefit as there will be alleviation of pain and spasms.

Around 500 participants suffering from cervical dystonia were studied for a period of 7 years at different centers. The average age of the patients was fifty-four years and they were mostly females and Caucasians. These participants were given Botox in dosages ranging from 5,000 units to 25,000 units and the interval between the injections was 2 months to 122 days. Researchers saw that the most common side effect observed was dryness of the mouth and dysphagia. No cases of botulism or pneumonia were seen. Based on the results, researchers concluded that long term use and repeated treatments with Botox for dystonia is not harmful. In fact, they concluded that the treatment was safe and offered good results.

While Botox is used to treat wrinkles and facial lines, it has not received sanctions from the US FDA to treat dystonia. However, there are some doctors that use this toxin to help patients suffering from dystonia and the results have been extremely good. In fact, Mayo Clinic recommends the use of Botox for treating pain and muscle spasms caused due to dystonia.

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Is Botox Harmful For Dystonia Treatment