Breast Implants Before And After

Breast Implants Before And After         Breast implants are fast becoming the most popular cosmetic surgery treatment. A breast implant can be described as an artificial device used to increase or enlarge the size of a woman’s breast, or to restore the breast volume lost after weight reduction or pregnancy by a surgical procedure known as breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty.

       Alternatively, breast implants can also be used to reconstruct a breast immediately after mastectomy or after severe injury to one or both the breasts. Two primary types of breast implants that are widely used include saline-filled breast implants and silicone gel-filled breast implants. The implant type and size is selected depending on the woman’s breast anatomy, skin elasticity and body type.

       This procedure is required in women having small-sized breasts. There are different reasons due to which small-sized breasts are present in certain women. Some of these include lack of proper care and nutrition during development, genetic abnormalities and mastectomy. In certain cases, a woman’s breasts are very asymmetric. Breast implant surgery can rectify all these errors. People even opt for breast surgery either due to cosmetic reasons, or as an aspect of male-to-female sex reassignment surgery.

        Women who want to undergo a breast augmentation surgery must first get a baseline mammogram done before the surgery and another mammogram done soon after the surgery in order to allow detection of any further changes in the breast tissues. Although breast implants do not impair the breast health, the patient faces certain risks and potential complications such as an ugly scar, blood clots, bleeding and delayed healing of the point of incision, leakage or rupture of implants, fluid accumulation, or a persistent pain. Some patients might even experience shortness of breath, chest pains, or unusual heart beats after the surgery. The patient would need to follow instructions of the surgeon about how to care for the breasts immediately after the surgery and about the medicines she should use to heal the incision and reduce the chances of infection.

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Breast Implants Before And After