Cosmetic Surgery Side Affects

Cosmetic Surgery Side Affects

As per the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in the year 2007, around 11.7 million cosmetic surgeries were done in the US. There are many different types of cosmetic surgeries, like rhinoplasty, hair transplant, breast augmentation and liposuction. While cosmetic surgeries are done to enhance a person's appearance and self-image, they are not without risks and side effects.

Some of the cosmetic surgery side effects are as follows:

The most frequent side effects of a cosmetic surgery are nausea and vomiting. However, this usually occurs due to anesthesia that the person is given for the procedure. This is the reason why many surgeries are now being done using local anesthesia and this has brought down the number of cases suffering from nausea and vomiting. Also, the anesthesia could result in an allergic reaction wherein the air passages could get blocked.

There is the risk of formation of blood clots when a surgery is done. This is common not just for cosmetic surgeries, but also for other kinds of surgeries. Usually a blood clot is formed when a part of the body is kept immobile for a long duration of time. This happens during the recovery period when a person is asked to stay immobile and rest until the site of the surgery heals. When a person stays immobile, it causes the blood to pool and this results in the formation of a clot. If the clot disappears slowly, it is not a cause for worry; but if it comes off as a whole, there is a risk that it will travel through the bloodstream and then lodge itself in a blood vessel resulting in a stroke or heart attack.

Most cosmetic surgeries use sutures to sew up the site of the incision. If the sutures are not tighten enough, they could get undone and this could lead to hemorrhage or even hernia. Also, if the loss of blood is too much, it could be fatal. In order to repair the damage done by sutures that have come off, the person will require another surgery.

The biggest risk of having a cosmetic surgery is infection. If the person does not take care of the incision, it could result in an infection. This could slow down the healing process. If the infection is severe, it could spread to other parts of the body and become life-threatening.

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Cosmetic Surgery Side Affects