Future Of Breast Reconstruction  

Breast reconstruction is recommended for women who lose their breast after a mastectomy. The future of breast reconstruction is very bright as more and more research is being done on this subject. In fact, researchers have found that breasts can be regrown using fat stem cells and very soon this new procedure could be made available for women suffering from breast cancer.

Researchers are planning on conducting clinical trials to see the outcome of this new procedure. Here the stem cells will be introduced into the chest region and will be forced to multiply and fill out a breast shaped mold that will be placed under the skin. The study on laboratory animals was successful and researchers hope that the same level of success will be met during the human trials.

Should this new procedure be successful, it would be a boon for millions of women around the world who fall victim to breast cancer. This procedure will be an alternative to breast implants and other breast reconstructive surgeries that have a lengthy recovery time.

Researchers claim that using fat stem cells, a new breast can grow within a period of 8 months. The procedure will be initially available just for women who have been free from cancer for a period of two years. It is quite likely that later on it may be used for breast augmentation, so women can enhance the size of their breasts without using any implants.

Taking the above procedure into account, it can be said without a doubt that the future of breast reconstruction is extremely bright.

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Future Of Breast Reconstruction




Health Insurance And Breast Reconstruction      The Women's Health and Cancer Right Act passed in the year 1998 mandates that health insurance companies cover the cost of breast reconstruction surgeries if the woman loses her breast due to mastectomy. The law states that insurance coverage should be given for reconstruction of the lost breast as well as for surgery on the other breast to bring about an appearance of symmetry. In addition, health insurance coverage has to be given for prostheses, any complications arising due to mastectomy and also for lymphedema. More..




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