Bras For After Breast Implant Surgery  

When a woman goes through breast implant surgery, she should pay extra attention while choosing a perfectly fitting bra especially during the recovery process in order to ensure proper positioning of the implants and also assist in the healing process.

The following are some important reasons why this is advised.

  • Comfort: Due to the larger size of the breasts, comfort factor of the bra can be a big issue.
  • Smooth Recovery: A perfect fitting bra enables smooth recovery after the surgery and also helps in shaping the breasts thus giving a good appearance.
  • Rapid Descent Prevention: A bra gives the required support following the surgery and prevents it from sagging and looking aged. Otherwise, the portion of the breast just under the nipple may become larger than that that above the nipple line.
  • In order to avoid potential recovery complications after the breast implant surgery, you need to consider the following factors.
  • Timing: Start wearing a perfect fitting bra two to three weeks after the surgery.
  • Wire fit: Ensure that the breast crease is aligned well after the surgery.
  • Cup: It should support the new breast and hold it up firmly. It should not be very deep or too shallow following the surgery.
  • Straps: Ensure that the straps can hold the breasts in their position firmly.  
  • Tips to choose the perfect bra:
  • Take the help of an experienced salesperson to measure your size and choose the correct bra.
  • Check up whether the new size is perfect with your surgeon.
Avoid wearing push-ups bras as it can result in the formation of deformed breasts during the healing process.

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Bras For After Breast Implant Surgery




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