Breast Implant Death  

Breast surgery requires giving anesthesia to the patient and the process poses some stress on the patient’s body; if the patient is unable to withstand the procedure and has some abnormalities or weakness, it may lead to the sudden death.

Reports state that there has not been a single case of death during breast implant. However, rare cases of death have been recorded during the breast augmentation surgery.

This is mainly due to the fact that the procedure was carried out by inexperienced individuals.

Breast implant, however, increases the chance of women dying due to tumors or cancer according to some latest research reports. In fact, studies revealed that patients who have breast implants were more likely to die due to lung cancer. In addition, these women also increase the possibility of developing brain cancer. Many women complain of memory loss as well as cognitive problems as early as during their 20s or 30s. The other common disorders causes due to the implants include cervical cancer, stomach cancer and leukemia.

Several women, who have undergone implants, also seem to have a low self-esteem which leads to suicides. Contradictorily, the manufacturers of these implants claim that women undergo these procedures in order to enhance their self-image.

In short, since these findings have been reported after in-depth research, it is high time that young women and teenagers who plan to undergo breast implants think whether it is really necessary. Most importantly, these studies indicate that there could be long term implications of undergoing such procedures and can affect our body after years together.

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Breast Implant Death




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