Breast Reduction And Psychological Effect  

Many years ago, one had to be content with the physical features that one was born with. Today, medical science has provided human beings with the facility to transform any physical attribute into what one desires. There are enormous numbers of people going through plastic surgeries to change the look of their nose, lips, breasts, buttocks and so on.

While a small breast size can be a cause of concern for some women, the opposite condition provides no contentment either. An extremely large breast size can be physically and psychological problematic for the person concerned. On one side, exceptionally large breasts can result in physical distress in the form of back pains, shoulder pains and neck pains; on the other hand it could be a major cause of public attention and personal embarrassment. Moreover, the choice of clothes becomes quite limited with such a huge size.

As a consequence of these circumstances, an increasing number of women are opting for breast reduction surgeries. The statistics projected by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons highlight a 146 percent rise in the number of such surgeries since the year 1992.

The numbers have escalated from 40,000 to 97,000 surgeries. Not only the female gender but many males suffering from the medical condition of gynecomastia have also become conscious and are making use of breast reduction surgery to look more normal. Prior to the procedure, the doctor takes into consideration the medical history, family history and physical and psychological conditions faced by the person involved. The outcome of this surgery is usually very satisfying for the individual and assists in boosting his or her psychological state to a large extent.

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Breast Reduction And Psychological Effect




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Breast Reduction And Psychological Effect )
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