Breast Reduction Yoga Poses  

After experimenting with all the modern techniques of reducing weight and toning the body, the world has turned to one of the most ancient forms of exercising that is yoga.

Yoga has established its proficiency in not only shedding off extra kilograms of body weight but also aids in attaining mental peace. The experts in the field recommend yoga for curing several medical conditions as well.

For some women, large breasts may be a body feature that they are born with, while for many it is a consequence of pregnancy and child birth. The numerous postures of yoga assist in enhancing the rate of metabolism, thereby leading to reduction in fat deposits all around the body. Any form of yoga that aims towards treating obesity will help in breast reduction as well since these exercises also aid in decreasing the fat in the breast area.

Women, who develop large breasts during pregnancy or due to breast feeding, normally regain the previous shape once the child is weaned off. However, if that is not the case, then certain exercises such as turning from left to right while standing or sitting can work wonders.

Inverted yoga postures including wheel pose, semi-wheel pose and fish pose help in cutting down extra body weight in the chest region and can make the breast appear smaller. The arm stretch pose specifically proves beneficial in breast reduction. The posture involves sitting with knees bent and toes firmly pressed on the ground. In this posture, one is required to touch the floor with hands at the back. Thereafter, the hands are lifted slowly up to the shoulders, inhaling deeply. Finally, hands should be lifted upwards with the act of exhaling. The exercise needs to be repeated a number of times for its effectiveness. Yoga is certainly a better way of reducing large breast in comparison to complicated surgeries involving large sums of money.

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Breast Reduction Yoga Poses




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