Care After Breast Reduction Surgery  

Extraordinary large sized breasts could be a reason of physical pain and public embarrassment. Women opting for a breast reduction surgery are mainly those who experience neck, back, or shoulder pain due to excessive weight in the chest region or those who feel under confident and conscious due to such large breasts.

Although age is no barrier for undergoing the surgery, specialists in the field recommend the surgery only after one has completed the family. The basic reason behind this suggestion is the fact that breast enlargement is a common characteristic during pregnancy and lactation. Before taking the plunge, the person concerned must also be well aware and well equipped to handle the risks involved in the procedure such as infection, bleeding, repercussions of anesthesia, discontentment over the results, and permanent loss of sensation in the breasts.

There are a few aspects that need to be taken care of prior to the surgery. A mammogram would be necessary to evaluate the health condition of the breasts. The surgeon would suggest quitting of smoke a few weeks in advance of the date of surgery as smoking increases the risk of excessive bleeding during surgery and causes death of tissues. The intake of certain medicines such as aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and vitamins, supplements and herbal medicines that could result in increased bleeding is also prohibited prior to the procedure. The patient is normally discharged from the hospital within a few hours of the procedure or after a day. The assistance of a caretaker may prove beneficial for a few days after surgery.

After the initial post-operative follow ups, the patient is required to visit the surgeon once in a while to comprehend the future aspects related to the surgery.

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Care After Breast Reduction Surgery




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