Cost Of Lifestyle Face Lift  

          One of the most recent discoveries in the domain of facelift is the Lifestyle lift.

          Conceived by Dr. David M. Kent in 2001, this medical procedure is comparatively simpler, faster and cheaper than a traditional facelift. In addition to these positives, this form of procedure requires a shorter recovery period as well.

          The Lifestyle lift aims towards restoration of physical features such as the neck and jaw line, which are believed to be first indicators of increasing age. After the procedure, the individual looks relatively younger. A Lifestyle lift can be performed in about an hour’s time and the result for most is satisfactory. However, as in the case of any other medical procedures, 100 percent satisfaction cannot be guaranteed.

          Although initiated by a single doctor, today over eight surgeons and cosmetologists in the US are proficient in performing the procedure. Despite its much propagated uncomplicated procedure, the Lifestyle lift can only reap good results when conducted by a professional in the field. It is vital for the doctor to have thorough expertise in area of facial or general plastic surgery. The actual procedure is certainly less extensive in nature, conducted under the effect of local anesthesia. The incision during the surgical procedure is made along the temple of the patient and extends to the front of the ear. Two circular sutures are made to constrict the flabby muscles and surplus skin is removed.

          The biggest respite comes in the form of an immensely reduced financial burden. While a traditional facelift costs about $15,000, the expenditure on a Lifestyle lift is approximately just $5,000.

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Cost Of Lifestyle Face Lift




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Cost Of Lifestyle Face Lift )
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