Does Mini Face Lift Include Lower Face And Neck

Does Mini Face Lift Include Lower Face And Neck ?

          If you want to know whether a mini face lift includes the lower face and neck, the answer is yes. When you have a mini face lift, it will help to get rid of a chin that is sagging and get rid of skin that is hanging around the neck, jaws and cheek. So, you can see that this procedure includes working on the lower face and neck.

          This kind of facelift is quite a new procedure, but is perfect for those looking for something fast and less expensive. It is not good for wrinkles on the brow or forehead. Mini face lift is perfect for women who are in their 30s and 40s and are looking for a quick fix solution to the initial signs of aging. A mini face lift is able to tighten the skin around the neck and lower face, and give the skin an appearance of what it looked like when the women were in their 20s.

          While the procedure is not as invasive as a conventional face lift, it still involves surgery. Small incisions are done to give access to the surgeon to perform the lift. This procedure should be looked at as a preventive measure rather than a restorative one. It does not work on deep lines and wrinkles.

          If you intend having a mini face lift to treat the wrinkles on your neck and lower face, then you will be spending around 48 to 72 hours recuperating after the surgery. The surgery does not make use of general anesthesia and the inflammation and bruising is kept to the minimum.

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Does Mini Face Lift Include Lower Face And Neck