Face Lift By Exercise  

          If for any reason you do not wish to be under the knife for a facelift, consider learning a few facial exercises that aid in toning the facial muscles and restore a youth appearance in a natural way. Face lift exercises help in firming the loosened muscles, thereby rectifying sagged face contour and rejuvenating the degenerating muscle tissues. The best part about this method of face lift is that it is not restricted to a particular venue and involves no expenditure.

          For elimination of a double chin, one needs to lie on the back on a flat surface.

          Thereafter, gradually raise the head touching the chest with the chin and slowly return to the original position. Repetition of this exercise initially for 10 times, then gradually increasing to 50 will certainly make your double chin disappear. The problem of sagging jowls can be sorted by pulling the bottom lip over the top one and smiling. In this facial posture, raise the chin a little upwards till a point when one experiences a pulling sensation in the neck. Holding this position for about 10 seconds and then repeating the exercise will help sagging cheeks and neck.

          The occurrence of crow’s feet is one of the first few symptoms of increasing age. After closing the eyes, put the thumbs at the corners of the eyes with the other fingers on the head. Now slide the thumbs from the corners of the eyes towards the temples. For providing firmness to the upper eyelid, place the index fingers just under the eyebrows.

          Now with the eyes closed, push the fingers up stretching the eyelid down.

          Finally try the facial stretch to tone the muscles of the entire face. This exercise involves opening of the mouth as wide as possible with the tongue sticking out. Along with this, open the eyes wide and hold the face muscles in this position for 10 seconds. Repeat the exercise five times for its effectiveness.

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Face Lift By Exercise




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