Face Lift Procedures  

          Today, technology has help face lift surgery to offer many different options to people. No matter what your budget is, you will be able to find a face lift procedure to suit your purse. You can either look for a procedure that targets specific areas of the face, or you can opt for lifting up your full face.

Some of the different face lift procedures are as follows:

          Total Face Lift: If you are looking for a completely youthful look over your entire face, then this is the procedure to opt for. If you have lines around the mouth and the nose, then this is the procedure that will make those lines disappear. This procedure of face lift works on the underlying connective tissue and once this tissue is tightened, the skin automatically ends up looking smoother and wrinkle-free.

          Subperiosteal Face Lift: In this procedure, the deepest tissues are tightened using an endoscope. However, the technique causes more bruising and swelling. Hence, the person would require more time to recover. On the bright side, this procedure is known to prove long lasting results.

          Deep Plane Face Lift: This is quite an invasive procedure and working in changing the contour of the whole face and neck. Not only is the tissue lifted, it also works on the skin and the fat present under the skin. It requires a long recovery period, but offers good results.

          Mid Face Lift: In this face lift procedure, the work is done on the cheeks, or rather the check region that lies just below the eyes. Hence, it is also known as a cheek lift. If you loose skin and tissue around the cheek region or want to get rid of the lines running from your nose to mouth, then this is the procedure to have.

          Thread Face Lift: This is a relatively new procedure and is sometimes called feather lift. Threads having barb like structures are inserted into tiny incisions made in front of the ears. The barbs are then connected to the underlying connective tissue and then pulled towards the ears. The procedure gives a smooth look to the entire face.

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Face Lift Procedures




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