Recovery After A Face Lift  

          Any individual having undergone a facelift surgery requires being patient as the actual results may be apparent only after the recovery phase is over. The immediate repercussions of the surgery are swelling and bruising. Numbness and pain in the operated area are also normal outcomes of the surgery.

          The bandages from the face are removed between 2 to 5 days, as per the doctor’s approval. However, the drainage tubes are invariably removed within the first 2 days of the procedure. It takes about 5 to 6 days for the sutures to be taken out.

          The ones on the scalp are left for a longer duration as the healing process in this area is rather slow. After a few days of the surgery, the patient may not be required to remain confined to the bed and can move around within the premises of the house. However, the patient must be well aware that complete recovery would take almost 6 months.

          List of things that should be avoided after the surgery include use of pillow, consumption of alcohol, steam baths and saunas, strenuous exercise, sexual activity, and heavy domestic chores. Stiffness during any movement linked to the face and scarring due to the surgery could trigger off depression in the patients. Towards the end of the first month, the patient’s mood tends to elevate owing to improvisation in the physical appearance. By this time, the patient is allowed to resume normal routine work. The residual bruising can be camouflaged with certain cosmetics. As for the scars, one must give time to the fading process.

          A facelift surgery can only assist in cutting down a few years of your apparent age. However, as the biological clock ticks away, the need of another facelift may crop up after another 10 to 20 years.

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Recovery After A Face Lift




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