Types Of Mini Face Lift

Types Of Mini Face Lift

          A face lift is a cosmetic procedure that looks to reduce wrinkles and give the face a smoother and youthful look. Medically, a face lift is known as rhytidectomy. There are different kinds of face lift procedures and one of them is the mini face lift. This particular face lift is nearly the same as a conventional face lift, only it involves making smaller incisions.

          There are different kinds of mini face lifts, and some of them are briefly described below:

          Cutaneous mini face lift is also known as skin only face lift. In this procedure, the incisions are made behind the ears, then the skin is separated from the underlying muscle and fat. It is pulled backwards and then the incisions are stitched up. This is considered to be the oldest procedure of giving a face lift. It does not cause any damage to the underlying nerves and muscles.

          Temporal mini face lift is for the lines that develop in the eyebrow region. This procedure is perfect for droopy eyebrows. The incisions in this kind of a face lift are made on the sides of the eyebrows.

          Platysmaplasty is for the platysma muscle in the neck. As a person ages, this particular muscle begins to protrude causing the formation of 2 neck bands. The procedure first separates the muscle from the skin and then it is reattached to the skin, thus getting rid of the protrusion.

          Liposuction is another kind of mini face lift wherein the extra fat located under the skin in the facial, chin and neck regions are removed. The procedure involves making a minute incision under the chin and a suction pipe is inserted to suck out the fat.

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Types Of Mini Face Lift