Is Hair Loss Sign Of Pregnancy

Is Hair Loss Sign Of Pregnancy ?

At any given time, a person has around 90 percent of their hair growing, while the remaining 10 percent is in the resting phase. Every 2 to 3 months the hair in the resting phase tends to fall out and this process lets the new hair grow. When a woman gets pregnant, she will notice more hair fall after being pregnant for 5 months. This condition is known as telogen effluvium and is seen in around 40 percent to 50 percent pregnant women. However, this is a temporary phase and the hair loss is not permanent.

Is hair loss a sign of pregnancy? The answer to this question in all probability has to be no as any hair loss related to pregnancy is normally seen after childbirth. When a woman gets pregnant, more hair goes into the resting stage, but the amount of hair in the resting stage is not sufficient enough to cause baldness or noticeable hair loss after delivery. Usually this hair loss reverses within three to four months after childbirth.

In case a woman sees unusual hair loss while she is pregnant, it usually relates to deficiency in some vitamins or minerals. In such a case, the doctor will advise increased intake of fresh fruits and vegetables that contain the vitamins and minerals that the woman needs. If the loss is bad, then supplements will be prescribed.

Hair loss after childbirth occurs due to hormonal changes. It is due to excessive estrogen in the body due to pregnancy that prevents a pregnant woman from losing hair. However, after she delivers, the hormone levels return to normal and this allows the normal hair growth and hair fall to occur. The hair that did not fall out while the woman was pregnant tends to fall out after childbirth. Hence, women feel that they are losing too much and are afraid that they may end up with bald patches.

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Is Hair Loss Sign Of Pregnancy