Can You Have A Baby After A Tummy Tuck ?  

A tummy tuck, medically known as an abdominoplasty is a form of plastic surgery wherein surplus amounts of fat tissue and skin present in the abdominal area are removed, thereby resulting in a much tightening look. While one of the most common reasons for undergoing a tummy tuck amongst women is restoring body shape after pregnancy, some may opt for the same due to medical reasons such as severe back pains owing to weakened abdominal muscles.

Ideally, a tummy tuck should only be considered after one has completed the family and is sure of no more pregnancies in the future. Since, idealistic circumstances do not prevail most of the times in normal life; therefore one of the most important queries related to a tummy tuck comes in the form of the basic concern whether one can have a healthy baby after this surgery.

In one simple line, the answer would be in the affirmative with the awareness of the underlying truth that the effect of the tummy tuck may be marred by a subsequent pregnancy. It is a well known fact that during the nine months of pregnancy, the abdominal skin and muscles stretch to accommodate the growing fetus. With the progression of the pregnancy, the area continues to expand. Such changes after an abdominoplasty result in the separation of the abdominal wall muscles stitched together during the plastic surgery. Thereby, the initial results procured by the surgery are countered resulting in the re-occurrence of re-stretched and flabby skin.

A tummy tuck in no way interferes with the healthy development of the fetus, but the pregnant lady must be prepared to spend additional money on a second abdominoplasty procedure after childbirth.

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Can You Have A Baby After A Tummy Tuck ?




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Can You Have A Baby After A Tummy Tuck ? )
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