Redoing Tummy Tuck Surgery  

Any form of plastic surgery is more of an artistic skill than pure scientific ability. Most of the work undertaken during a plastic surgery is associating with the sculpting of tissues.

Therefore, only a seasoned hand can produce optimum results. The two fundamental factors influencing the success of any form of plastic surgery are the proficiency of the surgeon and the patient following the post operative instructions strictly.

The tummy tuck surgery aims at sculpting the abdominal tissues so as to tighten the loose and flabby skin in the area. Since the results are predominantly affected by the potential of the surgeon, therefore choosing the correct doctor is the most vital step in a tummy tuck surgery. For any reason, if the patient is dissatisfied with the results of the surgery, then a second surgery, known as revision tummy tuck surgery, can be undertaken.

Prior to this revision surgery, the surgeon undertaking the same may wish to evaluate the reasons of previous failure in terms of analysis of the original problem, the line of action taken during course of the surgery, post surgical care, complications and process of healing. The patient’s lifestyle during the recovery period also plays a cardinal role in the success rate of the original surgery. The patient needs to firmly adhere to the diet plan and exercises suggested by the doctor. Additional weight can mar the effect of the surgery by once again thickening the torso.

Secondly, pregnancy after the original surgery may also arouse the need of a revision tummy tuck surgery. The expanding of the abdominal muscles during pregnancy tends to nullify the outcome of the original surgery. Lastly, the results obtained after a mini tummy tuck surgery gradually fade away with increase in age leading to a bulging midriff, thereby creating the need of a revision surgery.

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Redoing Tummy Tuck Surgery




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Redoing Tummy Tuck Surgery )
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