Risk Of Tummy Tuck  

Any form of surgery involves certain risks, so is the case with a tummy tuck surgery or abdominoplasty. In general, the list of risk factors associated to the surgery includes anesthesia reactions, aspiration pneumonia, bleeding, blood clots, delayed wound healing, infection and unfavorable drug reactions.

Taking these risk factors into consideration, the surgeon undertaking the procedure normally attains a detailed insight to the health condition of the patient. Information on the family and personal medical history aid in deciphering whether you are an appropriate candidate for the tummy tuck surgery.

Blood clotting is a prominent risk factor in any surgery that involves administration of general anesthesia for more than thirty minutes. If blood clots develop in a blood vessel, they not only hamper the circulation of blood, but can pose serious health issues on dislocation. Factors that could increase the chances of blood clot during the surgery need to be thoroughly discussed with the surgeon and the patient should follow the surgeon’s instructions regarding the same. Some of these aspects enhancing the probability of blood clotting include intake of birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy, certain types of cancer treatment, patients above the age of 40 years, people suffering from cardiac problems, and women with recent pregnancies.

Occurrences of infection during the surgery and after the procedure are also matters of concern. While the former aspect needs the attention of the surgeon in terms of keeping the operating room clean, sterile and reasonably warm; the latter completely rests on the patient. Failure on part of the patient to care for the wounds in the manner instructed by the surgeon could result in infections. Slow healing is another possible risk associated with a tummy tuck surgery. Factors increasing the probability of slow healing include old age, cigarette smoking and occurrence of infections. Slow healing could cause immense discomfort and also result in significant scarring which adds to the dissatisfaction of the patient.

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Risk Of Tummy Tuck




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