Weight Gain After A Tummy Tuck  

A flabby abdomen could be a cause of low self esteem. Tummy tuck surgery, medically referred to as abdominoplasty, can produce remarkable results in obtaining a tightened torso contour. However, this surgery does not guarantee any permanent results for the rest of your life. If you are opting for a tummy tuck surgery as a permanent weight reduction procedure, then you need to get your facts right!

The immediate outcome of a successful tummy tuck surgery can undoubtedly promote your self confidence but to sustain this appearance you certainly need to follow a diet plan and regular exercise routine. Exercising may not have been your cup of tea prior to the surgery but if you are looking for your money worth, regular exercising is a must. Post operative exercising in terms of abdominoplasty assists in recovery, reduction of swelling, toning of muscles, and decreases the probability of blood clotting.

Gaining weight due to pregnancy after abdominoplastry may be a wrong decision. Most doctors advice women to opt for the surgery once they have completed their families.

During the procedure of abdominoplasty, the surgeon removes or stitches the stretched loosely hanging skin in the abdominal area. A subsequent pregnancy would mean expansion of the abdominal muscles to make place for the growing fetus. Since the skin in the area has grossly decreased owing to the plastic surgery, this process of expansion thins down the skin and generates extreme stress. The consequence would be excessive stretch marks and other related problems. Of course, not to mention that the patient would certainly have to resort to a revision tummy tuck surgery to get back into the previous shape.

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Weight Gain After A Tummy Tuck




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Weight Gain After A Tummy Tuck )
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