What Is Mini Tummy Tuck ?  

A traditional abdominoplasty is a highly extensive procedure involving the rectification of stretched or sagging skin in the abdominal area. The field of plastic surgery has come up with another innovation in the domain of abdominoplasty known as a mini tummy tuck. This type of tummy tuck is medically referred to as partial abdominoplasty.

A mini tummy tuck is relatively less invasive in action and may be a perfect option for those who do not have prominently large abdominal muscles. Slight sagging of skin due to age or the desire of a perfect figure in relatively slimmer individuals could be ideal reasons of undergoing a mini tummy tuck. This partial abdominoplasty is generally conducted under local anesthesia as against the administration of general anesthesia in the complete form of the plastic surgery.

The surgery is comparatively less complicated as well. Firstly, the size of the incision is much smaller as the amount of skin that is removed is usually less. Repositioning of the navel is also not a requirement in this procedure. A very small segment of the abdominal wall is opened with the surgical area being restricted from the site of incision to the navel. Owing to the decreased amount of surgical procedure in a partial abdominoplasty, it is also referred to as a ‘scarless tummy tuck’.

The recovery period is also shorter as against the traditional tummy tuck. Over-the-counter medications are prescribed to control the post-operative pain. Within a few days of the surgery, the patient can resume normal routine, but is advised to avoid any form of laborious activity for the next few weeks.

Apart from all the physical positive reasons, a mini tummy tuck is an attractive alternate also in terms of a reduced financial burden.

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What Is Mini Tummy Tuck ?




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What Is Mini Tummy Tuck ? )
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