Age Discrimination In Women

Age Discrimination In Women

Women have been discriminated at workplaces for several reasons. But most importantly, they have been illegally discriminated due to age and gender.

When more and more women are taking up careers in traditional male bastions, this type of discrimination may put the women on a back foot.Although, more women are becoming career-oriented and postponing marriage and motherhood for careers, the traditional roles of women as a homemaker is so deep-rooted in the mindset that it is leading to discrimination against women.

Age discrimination affects younger and older women equally. During the hiring process, the employers tend to refuse young women applicants, especially of child-bearing age, because of the perception that the women employees may have to take leave for months at stretch and sometimes, leave the workforce permanently. This would, as per the employers, not justify the amount invested in training her for the job. Moreover, the employer and the company should provide maternity benefits for the employee.

Older women too have been discriminated, because of the gender and age stereotyping. There is a perception that older women may refuse transfers and are less flexible on various aspects, because of their family and children.

However, age discrimination in women is unfounded and baseless. Women are doing well even in the field of business, traditionally a male bastion. The government of the United States has passed laws on discrimination. Any company or employer violating these laws can be sued and if the cases are proved in favor of the employee, then the company may need to pay huge amounts as compensation.

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Age Discrimination In Women
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