Discrimination Of Religions

Discrimination Of Religions

Religious discrimination takes place when a person believing in a particular religion is treated in a way that puts him or her apart from others, and he or she is subjected to unfair treatment, which ends up hurting the person's sentiments. For instance, religious discrimination will be apparent when an employer disallows a person of a particular religion to join his company or industry.

If suppose a Christian does not like to mix with a Muslim in his or her leisure time, that is okay. However, the person cannot deny employment to such a person just because he does not like Muslims. This would be nothing but religious discrimination.

There could be many occasions where a person might feel discriminated based on his or her religion. Emphasis currently is on the discrimination that people face at the workplace. Although there are employment laws which strictly prohibit such discrimination, it is happens. At times, a person is not promoted to a particular post because he or she belongs to a particular religion. Denying company perks and benefits or terminating the job due to some religion is also seen in some cases.

Another place where people might face religious discrimination is while searching for a house. When owner of the property denies selling or the landlord refuses to give a house on rent because of the person's religion, then the individual is being discriminated based on his or her religion.

The US Civil Rights Act is present to protect people from religious discrimination. In any democratic society, a person can easily initiate legal actions against those who are discriminating if they prove that they have been victims of religious discrimination. The Act allows for this.

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Discrimination Of Religions
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