Examples Of Age Discrimination

Examples Of Age Discrimination

Age discrimination is a reality for many people, especially those who are 40 years and above. They may not find a job due to their age, or even get promoted because the organization prefers to promote younger employees.

Also, younger employees can face age discrimination. Here are a few examples of age discrimination.

Examples of Age Discrimination:
Example 1: A company chooses to layoff few employees as part of downsizing exercise. It decides to sack about 40 employees. These sacked employees find that they were sacked despite being among the top performers in their respective teams and having relevant experience and qualifications. Nevertheless, they find that all of them are aged 40 years or above and suspect that the company has wrongfully terminated them and allege Age discrimination.

Conclusion: This is a certain case of age discrimination as the decision has been taken solely on the basis of age.

Example 2: A married woman in mid 20s applies for a job, having satisfied all the requirements and criteria. But the employers choose not to consider her for employment, despite her being the best among the batch of interviewees.

Conclusion: The young woman has been discriminated because of her age, due to the perception that in a few months or years she would leave the workforce intermittently, for childbirth and that her priorities may change in due course of time.

Example 3: Employees of a courier company are asked to deliver a specific number of packages within a certain amount of time, although there are no such deadlines for those packages. Based on this exercise, they decide to lay-off their employees. Most employees who are laid off are in the age group of 50-55 years, with over 13-14 years of experience, because they were not as swift as the younger delivery staff.

Conclusion: It is a clear case of indirect age discrimination as the employees were asked to undergo a skill assessment test, which was irrelevant to their nature of job.

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