Examples Of Racial Discrimination

Examples Of Racial Discrimination

When we talk about racial discrimination, it always brings up the suppression of non-white people by the whites. However, racial discrimination has a history that is far more than this, and it has evolved through ages. In fact, even people belonging to the same color can discriminate against others. For instance, racial discrimination was prevalent between Norse and non-Norse people, and between the English and the Danes, between the English and Scottish, Irish and Welsh.

There are several examples of racial discrimination that we can find even today. For instance, the discrimination is prevalent against the Kurds in Iraq and Syria, between the Hindus and Muslims in India, between the Sri Lankans and ethnic Tamil minority, between the Indonesian and the ethnic Chinese minority and finally between the Western world and the Muslims.

Even Down Under, there is racial discrimination of the Maoris in New Zealand, and the Aborigines in Australia. In the Middle East, Arabs and Israelis hate each other though they share a common religious past. The discriminatory treatment of the Palestinians within the borders of Israel is another example of racial discrimination.

It is known worldwide the intolerance of Serbs towards Albanians in the Balkans. It had in fact made a world headlines for many days some years ago. The ongoing tension in Northern Ireland has arisen out of difficult religious, political and emotional issues. Such bitterness continues due to violence of one group towards another.

So, racial discrimination is not just white against non-white. It can take many forms and is prevalent all over the world. This form of discrimination is a reality in today's world and is something no one can help noticing.

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Examples Of Racial Discrimination
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