Facts On Racial Discrimination

Facts On Racial Discrimination

When a person from a particular race is denied certain rights, representation or resources, it is known as racial discrimination. In fact, many believe that the institution of the government actually promotes racism in the society with its policies. In fact, it must be pointed out that racism is not a natural or predictable process, but it happens.

The races that are looked down upon today were revered in the ancient times. For instance, the Chinese and Africans were revered by the Europeans during the Middle Ages as their civilization was believed to be more advanced. However, once the European started exploring the world, racial discrimination became a norm.

Here are some facts on racial discrimination that you should know about:

In the US, based on a report by the UN, there is found to be racial disparity when it comes to giving death penalty to people under the age of 18. The report also found that a disparity exists based on race when criminals under the age of 18 are sentenced to life imprisonment without having a chance for parole. This practice has been condemned and the UN committee responsible for these findings wants this practice to be stopped.

In another study carried out in the year 2007 by Yale University School of Law, it was found that African-Americans got death sentences three times more than white defendants where the victims were white. Also, killers of whites were punished more severely compared to others.

The minority urban neighborhoods are targeted when it comes to the law enforcement's war on drugs. National reports published in the year 2008 revealed that number of whites committing drug offenses were higher, but despite this fact more African-American were arrested and incarcerated for offenses relating to drug charges. Across all the 34 states studied, drug offenders were mostly whites, but the blacks were imprisoned 11.8 times more when compared to the whites.

Based on the reports from the FBI, most of the hate crimes in the US are racially motivated, and over half of the victims of the crimes are invariably African-Americans.

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Facts On Racial Discrimination
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