Types Of Age Discrimination

Types Of Age Discrimination

Whether a person is in his 20s or 40s, the possibility of age discrimination always exists when he goes into the job market, or when he is due for a promotion.

There are many different types of age discrimination. They are discussed below.

Types of Age Discrimination:

  • Direct discrimination: This is said to take place when an individual is not favored, solely because of his/her age. A couple of examples are discussed below. Example 1: An aspirant who is 46 yrs old applies for a job, satisfying all the criteria laid out for the job. However, the application of this aspirant is rejected because he/she is 46 yrs old. A second example is that of a company that has a history of promoting only those employees who are less than 50 years and giving them opportunities of career advancement.
  • Indirect discrimination: A company or an employer is said to be engaging in indirect discrimination against an employee or an aspirant, if they have a strategy of categorizing individuals of a particular age group by putting them at a disadvantage in comparison to other group of employees or aspirants. There are several instances where an employer prevents an older employee from being hired by assessing their skills and abilities in areas that are irrelevant to the nature of the job. We had discussed the case of delivery department staff of Federal Express Corporation Vs their ex-employer FedEx Corporation. The Corporation has asked the staff to deliver a certain number of packages within a time-frame, although there was such deadline for delivery of those packages. This assessment was done, so that the older employees would find it difficult to match the speed of the younger delivery staff. This amounts to indirect discrimination.
  • Harassment: Telling ageist jokes, bullying or name calling solely on the basis of age amounts to harassment.
  • Victimization: In this context, an individual is said to be victimized, if he/she is being treated less-favorably because he/she has filed a complaint of age discrimination or he/she has agreed to testify for some other victim of age discrimination.

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