Types Of Discrimination

Types Of Discrimination

Discrimination can be defined as an act where a person or a group of people is subjected to exclusion, rejection and mistreatment because of various reasons. Worldwide, discrimination exists in some form or the other. There are many countries which have specific laws to protect such people or groups who are often termed as minority. The biggest problem with the effectiveness of the law is that is often difficult to prove discrimination.

There are different types of discrimination that have been identified by the law. Discrimination based on age is known as ageism. In this type of discrimination, the person is discriminated based on their age. People above forty years of age in the US are protected from age-based discrimination provided they are able to prove it.

Another common type of discrimination is the race based discrimination. It is often termed as racism. It has been noticed that an African-American applicant is often refused employment or admission into an industry or a school even if they are better qualified and suited compared to a white applicant. Even discrimination based on national origin is prevalent. This type of discrimination takes place when an immigrant is mistreated or denied certain rights in another country.

Discrimination based on gender or sex is also common. This kind of discrimination takes place when a person of either sex is treated unjustly. Gender based discrimination can be experienced by anyone, but it is more prevalent among women. This type of discrimination could be either obvious where a woman is denied a job because of her gender in spite of being qualified, or it could be completely hidden where women are being exploited sexually in the workplace.

Some other types of discrimination are based on religion or sexual orientation.

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