Child Custody Procedures  

In order to submit a petition for child custody, each of the parents should be aware of the right procedure to ensure favorable outcome. Though the rules vary by each state, principally the basic concepts that guide the court to decide the custody and responsibility is based on the best interests of the child. It is the responsibility and duty of the parents to cooperate in the entire process by following the right procedure including appearing before the court when required.

You also need to gather information about the custody rights in your particular state. It is advisable to hire a legal attorney who would guide you to submit the petition and also help you with the rest of the proceedings.

When parents decide to go for a divorce, the individual who takes physical custody of the child is required to file for temporary child custody until the final decision is made on the case. During this time, the non custodial parent can also support the child. Mediation and arbitration is recommended by many states if there is any contention between the child’s parents with respect to custody issues. The parents have to then prove the completion of this process before the final verdict is given.

In many cases joint custody is given wherein the non custodial parent is granted visitation rights. In this case, each parent has to submit the parenting plans individually which would explain how they would fulfill the financial and legal obligations. Parents may also be required to submit the proof income in addition to the statement of debt and assets.

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Child Custody Procedures



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