How To Get Joint Custody Of A Child ?  

Parents who have recently divorced and are looking for the ways and means of getting joint custody of the child must educate themselves first on the 2 types of joint custodies that exist.

Legal joint custody implies that both the parents are equally responsible for making decisions relating to the child’s education, religious upbringing and extra curricular activities. Whereas, in physical joint custody, each parents is required to spend equal amounts of time with their child separately. In such a case, the child moves between the two parents on a rotation basis. This rotation can be of a week, month or year as decided by the court. In some cases, the child might stay in one single place and parents would be asked to switch homes on turn basis.

Now, after knowing what a joint custody is, parents can have this kind of custody of a child based on certain negotiations that suit them the best. Accordingly, the arrangements can be done. Sometimes the negotiation gives out a solution that is agreed easily between the two. However, there are no tailor-made solutions. Each family has its own problems and the solution depends on the specific and individual needs. At times, it may happen that when the time for one custodial parent comes, he or she may have to go out of station due to some other urgent work. In such a case, the other custodial parent has to come forward and offer the help, so that a compromise can be arrived.

In order to achieve a workable negotiation, the parents can take the help of attorneys and mediators while the joint custody case is going on.

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How To Get Joint Custody Of A Child ?



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How To Get Joint Custody Of A Child ? )
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