Sample Of Child Custody Papers  

While filing child custody papers, there are several factors that one must consider. Therefore, if you are filing it on your own, then you should do it with lot of care. It is better to have an attorney by your side who can assist you in doing the things correctly. You may even hire an attorney for filing the papers on your behalf. For those, who want to attempt it all by themselves, they must then need some information relating the law, procedures and the time guidelines before proceeding.

One can get hold of a child custody papers and forms from the family court of your jurisdiction, or they can directly download from court's website for that matter. There are some courts in few states that offer free help in filing the forms and completing the necessary paper work. The paper can be filed in person at the court, or they can be sent via certified mail. There are some agencies also that have been authorized by the court to fax the filings in such a circumstance when the person is not able to either come in person or send via mail.

Each local court has assigned its own fees for filing the child custody papers. You can check it out on the website or personally from the office. For those, who wish to have some waiver in the fees because of inability to pay the fees all at a time, they can consult the court for granting permission regarding some sort of fee waiver technique.

Even if you are filing the papers on your own, you would be considered wise if you get in touch with a lawyer to pinpoint your position in the case and what legal options and obligations you have.

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Sample Of Child Custody Papers



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