Who Pays Child Support With Joint Physical Custody ?  

Joint physical custody and child support payment depend completely on the state law. This law varies from one state to the next. The American Bar Association claims that in spite of a joint physical custody, the expenses relating to the child such as rent, mortgage, utilities, schooling, clothes and health insurance have to be paid.

The legal joint custody offers both the parents the right to take important decision regarding the child. This includes the matters related to education, religious upbringing etc, and the joint physical custody decides where the child will stay physically. In a joint legal custody, mostly one parent takes care of the daily needs of the child and the other parent gets the rights to visit the child as and when decided by the court. In such a situation, the non custodial parent generally pays the child support to the custodian parent. But, as per the American Bar Association, when the parents get joint physical custody and if the both the parents possess the same income and the child spends almost same amount of time with both the parents on a rotation basis, then each parent is expected to pay for the child support as and when their turn comes.

There are few factors which affect who will pay for the child support. One of the important considerations is the income. If the court finds that the parent with lesser income has the custody and if the child support further adds burden to the custodian, then it might order the parent with the higher income to pay for the child support. Distribution of time is another major factor that affects the child support payment.

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Who Pays Child Support With Joint Physical Custody ?



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Who Pays Child Support With Joint Physical Custody ? )
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