Conditions Which May Qualify As Disability  

Disability is a relative term but when it comes to the books of insurance there is no standard definition for disability. There are several “ifs” and “buts” that need to be satisfied for claiming disability insurance. Remember that even though you are paying a premium on insurance, it is not a bank account that you can draw your money at any time.

You need to prove that you cannot work and establish valid reasons for that. Many insurance companies including the Social Security Administration (SSA) use some parameters to qualify a disabled person. Conditions which may qualify as disability include physical disability and mental disability among others. However, these conditions should be severe enough to stop you from working.

They take the working status of the person into consideration and see if he or she was able to work during different periods of time. They also calculate the earnings before the person stopped working. They also have some standard income rates and if you have earned more than that the previous year, then you may not be qualified for the insurance.

Based on the medical records the physical condition of the person is evaluated and also the severity of the disability is determined. Everything from physical exertion to emotional capability id determined and based on the results the suitability would be established. There are several conditions that are defined as disability in the books of insurance companies. If your condition matches any of the listed diseases or conditions then you would be qualified for disability. If your criterion does not match anything on the list, then your case would be evaluated individually.

Also, the insurance company would consider if there is any other kind of work you can do which is less stressful given your condition.

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Conditions Which May Qualify As Disability



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Conditions Which May Qualify As Disability )
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