Drivers Ed For Elderly  

Whether to make driver education for elderly mandatory or not, may be a point for debate. While some may feel that the people who have been driving almost all their life do not need such education, there may be others who feel that from the point of safety and to avoid car accidents among the elderly they should be given such education.

If the purpose of such an education program is to just educate the elderly, then maybe it is a good idea; but if the purpose of the program is to reduce the number of accidents that occur among the elderly, then this may not be very useful as there have been studies in the past which reveal that drivers education program for the elderly has not been successful in bringing down the number of accidents. However, this program has been able to instill a sense of caution among the elderly drivers.

This program included one to one where the driving needs and the lifestyle of the individual were discussed and the people who attended the program were also asked to point out any difficulties that they had while driving such as maneuvering, lane changing etc.

Despite this, when the same people were called in after 2 years for follow up, there was not much change in the rate of accidents among these people, but there was a change in the behavior of these people. Post program these individuals were monitoring their driving patterns and avoiding challenging situations and were also indulging in less driving. 

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Drivers Ed For Elderly



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