Elderly Driving Habits  

Driving habits in elderly people are as much a risky matter as it is in the teenagers. What is more worrying is the age factor because their skills are said to decline with their growing age. It is not easy to point out the declining inability to the elderly as they may not be ready to accept it. This is primarily because they feel that they would lose their independence as they become dependent and immobile.

However, if the driving of the elder person in the house is a concern, it is advisable to either get them to stop driving or change their driving habits.

Instead of asking them to stop driving totally, one can ask the elders to reduce their driving to maybe once a week. Apart from that, instead of driving during peak traffic hours, they may be advised to drive during non rush hours since they do not necessarily have to stick a fixed time. Also, they may be allowed to drive close to home rather than distant places. It is better for the elderly to drive only in familiar locations and preferably during day time and not in the night. If elderly driving is a major concern, then one can get someone accompany the elderly while driving rather than letting them drive alone.

If we can make all things readily available at home for our elders, then they may not have a reason to go out of the house, which in turn will reduce their driving and keep them safe.

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Elderly Driving Habits



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